Sunday’s Coming 125


This Sunday is one, blended service at 10:30 a.m.  We’ll look at the text from Acts where followers of Jesus are first called “Christians”.  Acts 11: 19-26.  During the service there is a BBQ for all the kids and teens in the Sunday faith programs.

After the service we meet for the Election of Elders.  Four candidates are on the ballot and there is a bulletin insert with information on each candidate.

Please remember in prayer the Klempa family, with the death of Lois this past Sunday.  A memorial service will be held June 8th at the Church of St. Andrew’s and St. Paul’s.

Please also remember the wedding of Michael and Christiania on Ile Bizard this Saturday afternoon.

Thanks to Danielle, it is now possible to register for VBC June 25-28 online.

Wishing everyone God’s presence and blessing this weekend.

See you Sunday.


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