Sunday’s Coming 74

This week we continue the journey to the cross and empty tomb with Mark 4: 21-34. Amanda Henderson, our in-ministry- year student, will preach at both services. At 11:15 a.m. the Lenten Study series continues with Rev. Dr. Kuntz in the East Room.

A huge thank you to Penny G. and team for Briarwood’s provision of the soup and service for the first Lenten Lunch this past Wednesday in support of PWS&D.

This week we remember,
Vi F.;
Don M., who had a fall and is at the Lakeshore;
Betty W.;
the youth group, who meet tonight;
those going to Messy Church tonight at 5:30 pm;
those involved in College and Careers next week at the Heusers;
the Parents and Tots Bible Study Wednesday morning;
the Grandparents, Parents and Friends Bible Study Wednesday afternoon.

NEXT Sunday March 4th there is only one blended service – 10:30 a.m. with lunch and AGM.

Best wishes,

1 thought on “Sunday’s Coming 74

  1. Greg, welcome back!!!

    It would be great if your blog could include a link to the Briarwood website, so people who want to see details of time (ie for the Wed aft Bible study) can get to it quickly!

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