Appointed Interim Moderator for La Communauté Siloé

Looks like I have been appointed Interim Moderator for La Communauté Siloé.  This is a Cameroonian Canadian community of 80-100 people in attendance that meets at the Presbyterian College, Montreal.  The Presbytery of Montreal has recently given permission for them to explore becoming a full-fledged congregation.  I look forward to working with this group of committed and joyful Christians and their current pastor Eloi Agbanou!  En français, et je vais essayer!

From the A&P website (can’t fine theirs):

“Siloé is the French translation of Shiloh, the portable shrine that Moses built in the wilderness, and was placed at Shiloh until the city was destroyed in 1104 BCE. The name is generally understood to mean “the peaceful one,” or “he who is to be sent.””

Sunday’s Coming 135

Greetings Friends,

I hope everyone has enjoyed an excellent summer.  This Sunday we have two services, 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., with Holy Communion and Lunch at the 11:30 a.m.  Nursery and Kids faith program at both.

The text for Sunday is Hebrews 13: 1-9, 15-16, where we look at instructions for living simply.

Thank you to Mike, Sarina, Todd and everyone who helped and led in worship in August.  We had a good time away and are glad to be home.

Congratulations to our Children and Youth Director, Danielle, who was married to Andre this past Saturday!  Check out the photo below of some of the kids from Briarwood who were there.

Congratulations to Grant V. on his summertime engagement to Connie!  Wow!

With all good wishes,

See you Sunday.


Danielle's Wedding

September 2012 newsletter letter

Dear Friends at Briarwood.

This Fall, all the way to Advent, we will be studying and exploring the stories of the Book of Genesis. As we do so, we will mirror the themes in each Sunday morning children’s faith program. For those interested, I can recommend an accessbile commentary on this first book of the Bible that you may wish to follow throughout the Autumn in your own study and reflection. Genesis for Everyone by John Goldingay (2 vols.). Available through

In addition to beginning at the beginning with Genesis each Sunday morning, this September there is also on offer a refresher course on Christianity each Wednesday evening from 7:15-9 p.m. I will be leading this and all are invited.

As many of you know, Judy Pemberton, Briarwood’s Director of Family Ministries (a position made possible through your pledges, prayers and a Presbytery grant) has been working with the Christian Education committee with a focus of growing our witness of passing on Christian faith to children in the church and community. On September 16th between services, we’ll celebrate a related initiative, the acquisition of a SmartBoard for the children’s faith program. For those who have yet to see this resource in use, come and see; and for all, come at 11 a.m. for a short service of dedication in the Hall. Also on September 16th, we will dedicate with thanksgiving all those working in the ministry of teaching or music in the year ahead.

Finally, let me highlight “Welcome back to church Sunday” on September 9th. This is not to say we haven’t been at the church over the summer. (In fact, with two services all July and August, our average attendance was 111 kids and adults.) But it is a Sunday to celebrate together the beginning of a new church year. We are blessed that Grace Wurah will be baptized in the family of God at Briarwood at 10 a.m. this Sunday too. A reminder for all us that we belong to God through the covenant of God’s grace and love in Jesus; a story of covenant and love that begins, where….you guessed it; Genesis.

On a personal note, our family enjoyed a good summer, minus a broken arm and with it (it seems) our customary summer hospital ER visit.

Since we’ll begin with Creation on September 9th, I’ll sign off now with a quote from C.S. Lewis on beauty:

“Most people, if they had really learned to look into their own hearts, would know that they do want, and want acutely, something that cannot be had in this world. There are all sorts of things in this world that offer to give it to you, but they never quite keep their promise….

We do not want to merely “see” beauty–though, God knows, even that is bounty enough. We want something else which can hardly be put into words–to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of it.”

Wishing all the very best.