Session Willimon Weekend Follow Up

Dear Elders,

This page is in response to the May 2016 Session meeting William Willimon Weekend Follow-up.  As requested, these are resources that may aid in the discussion of the changes to culture and to church as raised by Willimon.

  1.  Willimon’s classic book, “Resident Aliens”, just published as a 25th Anniversary Edition, captures much of what he talked about on the weekend.  Book here.
  2. Huffington Post published a helpful article by Willimon called, “Churches Need to Take Care of Business”.  You’ll notice some of the material from his sermon at Central in there.
  3. The late Phyllis Tickle wrote, “The Great Emergence”, on how the mainline church is changing in this age.  YouTube summary here.    Book here.
  4. The reflections for spiritual discernment in committees by the Rev. Dr. Graham Standish is here.
  5. Spiritual Discernment in the church as a whole – by Standish, “Becoming the Blessed Church”, second edition, here.