Erskine Notes 2.0

Dear People of Erskine,

It was my pleasure to be among you on September 25th to mark a turning point in the life of your congregation.  It is now the role of your Session to work with you and in moving forward into the next phase of life and mission.

I can happily share that at its Session meeting on October 20th, your Session decided that, in discerning the future for Erskine, it would not look to a maintenance or survival mode, but would look to take a missional perspective, even if risky, and move forward by faith.

Survival mode worries about keeping things the way they are for their own sake.  Missional mode allows itself to be caught up in the work of the Kingdom of God, wherever that leads.

I also shared last night, that a church that does not live for its mission will die.

Having said this, some of you are wondering, so what’s next and what can we expect to know about the future.   What I can say is that at this point, your Session is following the proceeding outline for its work on the future of Erskine:

  1.  Discern what direction God is calling us to take (e.g. aiming to call a full-time minister, aiming to become a multi-point charge, amalgamation etc., a church replant, to name some ideas).
  2. Decide which direction to take.  This will involve collaboration and meeting with the congregation.
  3. Prepare the necessary case.
  4. Seek Presbytery approval.
  5. Implement.

We are currently on #1.

Please do keep praying the prayer I asked you to pray each morning in Erskine Notes 1.o:

Lord in your mercy guide Erskine 

by your Spirit 

into your good will.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

May the grace and peace of Jesus Christ be with you.


The Rev. Dr. Greg Davidson,

Interim Moderator, Erskine







1 thought on “Erskine Notes 2.0

  1. Greetings Dr. Greg Davidson I am Elias Saikaly May the Lord be with you and give you peace. I am still trying to ask for my abilities. I enjoy every thing the Lord gives me.


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