On Doctor Assisted Death

So the PCC has spoken out on this.  Here is a follow up thought from the Rev. Karla Wubbenhorst that you might find helpful, thinking about the Supreme Court’s recent decision.


Random Pensee #14:
This is what happens when you have sheer individual voluntarism rather than a common notion of “the good” (ie. specific content, certain theses worth protecting) enshrined as the core value of your country’s charter. In my theistic perspective, Life is good. Life is given. Life is given with a purpose. This goodness/givenness/purposefulness is not negated by subjective doubt as to purpose, nor by degrees of suffering that are subjectively held to be “intolerable.” Admittedly this theistic perspective is itself subjective (it is mine, it may not be yours), but without it (or something content-specific) at the centre, we have no grounds on which to stem the descent into nihilism and human degradation; we have no grounds on which to protect people from the forms of harm they “freely” embrace, or at the societal level, to choose positive values rather than corrupt and corrupting ones. (The Supreme Court’s striking down of the anti-prostitution laws (Dec. 2013) pique exactly the same issues). Consider that in Kubler Ross’ typology of grief, depression (stage 4) is the stage which precedes acceptance (stage 5). If we offer access to assisted suicide, a multitude of people will make a terminal decision in stage 4 and never have the chance to arrive at stage 5. But we have a greater aversion now as a society toward the kind of “paternalism” which says “you may not at all times be the best judge of your own good,” than to the tragedies which will ensue on a vast scale, if our laws cease to take a substantive position on what is right and wrong (the normative role of law). Law needs to be based on more than protected space for the freedom of the individual. With at least three of its recent decisions, the Supreme Court of Canada has signaled a co-ordinated programme of dismantling, piece by piece, the bulwark of common grace in our society, as it pursues relentlessly the working through of the individual take of freedom expressed on our misbegotten charter. We need not be surprised, when 20 or 50 years from now we stand overwhelmed by the floodwaters. Where is the prophetic voice of thoughtful, strategically placed Christians, at times like these (viz. Ezekiel 33)? 

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