Christmas Greetings 2014

Dear Briarwood,

This is to wish you all a Merry Christmas in the name of Jesus Christ.  May each of us know the peace of Christ in our lives, the hope of Christ in our world and the person of Christ, come to us in a way we can all be reached with the love of God.

Thank you for an amazing year of ministry and outreach.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, your friends and your families!


O Christ of Mary

O Christ of Mary
8 8 8 8

O Christ of Mary, Israel’s son,
Through her incarnate have become,
Through flesh as human as can be,
Through her for all humanity.

Within her, God on earth to dwell;
She carries the Immanuel.
In faith she bears God’s holy Son;
Divine and human, both in one.

To God voice raised with pregnant cry,
Her Kuriou she magnifies.
With God in her is Mary blessed;
Her own womb holds God’s promised Rest.

O Christ, like Mary, so may we,
Our lives to praise and work for thee.
For we too bear the Christ within;
By grace alone, where all begins.

by J. Gregory Davidson
Advent 2005

Holding the Messiah

Holding the Messiah
8 6 8 6

The hoped for child in aged hands,
The child that moves and sways,
The world to look toward God again,
The Consolation of all days.

This Tide has only come with time;
O Israel to wait.
Fulfillment after darkened days,
In Light the nations wake.

To hold this Ocean in his arms,
Each drop his eyes drink in,
Messiah rests in his embrace,
God’s All with Simeon.

God’s All, the Christ, is in our midst,
Like Anna celebrate.
Now hold him in the good we see,
He’s here, but still we wait.

Like Simeon we wait with faith,
Until that final day;
Christ’s waves of Consolation come,
All waiting washed away.

J. Gregory Davidson
Epiphany 2006