Noah Movie (2014)

More to come later but for now – the Noah Movie (2014) – is really well done and worth seeing.  It’s not carried by special effects (though awesome).  It’s actually carried by the incredible story that the Flood is.  Lots of theology, reflection and rich consideration for life, our world, our faith.

1 thought on “Noah Movie (2014)

  1. Agreed, great movie. One of the thing I would challenge in that movie is the glory they give the fallen angels, “lights” as they were called.
    Those are demons that rebelled against God and never have they had a single intention of helping mankind. The Bible says the devil is like a roaring lion, looking for who he can devour.
    My point is that Noah built that Ark with the help of God and thanks should go to God for that…. Not the Stoney weirdos.

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