12 Things I learned when our church started another worship service

10.  I learned that…You need to have enough staff.


12 Things I learned when our church started another worship service

I’ve learned that church people are smart. People saw the need for more staff, if we were going to serve more people.

We raised enough money for a full-time children and youth Director, and thank God we did.  It was smart.  As more children and families have become a part of the church, we have someone there just for them.

To connect, encourage and invite.

And they’re amazing.

I think that without that extra staff person, it would be frustrating for new families and church leaders.  Making those connections.  Getting plugged.  Finding ways to serve and grow.  I don’t think they would stay and become as engaged as they do without that support and specialized ministry.

Have enough staff.   Don’t start something new without ‘em!

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