Sunday’s Coming 150

Yes, it’s number 150!!  Well, you say, that’s only 3 years of Sundays and you’ve been around 5.  Now the secret’s out.  I haven’t sent a Sunday’s Coming every Sunday.  They started back near the beginning of the second worship service at Briarwood, to make sure everyone knew what was on and where.

Over the last 150 posts (to this site and our last website), it has been a lot of fun sharing stories, people, photos, and celebrating what God is doing in our midst.

I am happy to announce in this 150th Sunday’s Coming, a new website for Briarwood.    Thank you to those involved in creating it.  Please give it a try.

You’ll notice a ‘News‘ tab at the top.  This week there have been a lot of posts there about newsworthy items at Briarwood, including elder nominations now open, ‘space’ group appointed, Nancy B. publishes (again!), Session’s book study, the Lenten Study Series, and celebration of a Major Gift to Briarwood.


This Sunday February 9th we worship at 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.  The text is Matthew 5: 13-24.  Salt & Light as images for the Christian life.  We will also have a Moment to celebrate Black History at the 10 a.m. service, given by Virginia Bell.

Please remember the family of Bahij Zurub.  His funeral was this week at T.M.R. Presbyterian.  The soloist was France Périgny.

Please also remember the Saikaly family who lost Nabih Sr. this past weekend.

Please remember Hazel Stewart in Scotland, upon the death of her daughter Rosemary Stewart.

Wishing everyone a good weekend coming.

See you Sunday.


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