September 2013 Newsletter letter

2 Peter 1:4 – “Thus he has given us, through these things, his precious and very great promises…”

It might be a strange way of starting a letter for the new church program year, but I can’t help thinking of the people we’ve lost in the last little while to eternal life.  Over the summer, there was Jean Thomas, Fred Holderness and Betty Williams.  Earlier in the year, Audrey McLelland.  Others too.

I’m not saying this to be depressing, but because I’m reminded of how precious community is.

We thank God for their lives.  We thank God for the lives of others we’ve come to grow close to at Briarwood.  We thank God for the lives of those who’ll be back or find themselves here for the first time this year.

At Danielle and Andre’s wedding last Saturday I was, (absolutely and in the best way), tripping over kids from Briarwood!  New gifts.  Precious gifts.  As precious as the people we’ve lost this year.

It’s amazing how a Christian community is completely out of our hands.  How God is at work in ways we’ll never know.  That’s the mystery, that’s the good, that’s the wonder and joy we live in as we start a new year at Briarwood.

This month I thank God for Cathy Anderson, who is heading up Briarwood’s Community Corn Roast on September 7th.  I thank God for Li-Peng W., a McGill student from the 11:30 service, who will be sharing part of her faith journey and recent mission trip on September 22nd.  I thank God for Briarwood’s Session, who will gather for their annual mini-retreat, on September 11th, for 5 1/2 hours of prayer, study, discussion and a meal.  Please pray for them as they hold up to Christ the congregational year of mission and service on your behalf.  Please also keep in prayer our children and youth director, Danielle, and her new hubby Andre!

Wishing everyone an excellent September.

May the grace of Jesus Christ be with you always.

Rev. Greg



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