Sunday’s Coming 128

Greetings Friends,

This Sunday we meet at two services, 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., with the text from Jonah chapter 1.  We meet Jonah as he reacts to a situation in his life by making a certain decision.  More on “making choices”.

There is Nursery and Kids Faith program at both services.

Below are photos of Shelia and Barbara enjoying a coffee between services last Sunday, as well as the Whitelaws (who have a connection to Amanda Henderson’s new call to St. James, Charlottetown).

Briarwood Kids’ Camp registration still open:  June 25-28.

There is Bible Study and Prayer on Wednesday night at the Heusers’.  All welcome.

Wishing everyone an excellent weekend.

See you Sunday.


Shelia and Barbara enjoy coffee between services

The Whitelaws at the joint coffee hour last Sunday


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