Sunday’s Coming 102

Greetings Friends,
Thank you to everyone for a good morning all together at last week’s blended service. We had 164 kids and adults for the service. A huge thank you also to Cathy A. and Cheryl S. and their team for a fantastic brunch afterwards. Between events like this and Nova cook-offs and potlucks, I think its high time for a Briarwood cookbook!

This Sunday at 10 a.m. we look at the promise and covenant God makes with all creation after the story of Noah’s Ark. At 11:30 a.m. Nancy G. will share part of her faith story. Nancy and Fred attend this service with their two (precious) daughters Hannah and Hailey. The Singing our Faith study starts at 11:15 a.m. in the East room, with the Rev. Dr. Harry Kuntz.

It has been a full week at Briarwood. Most wonderful has been the arrival of Danielle Pierre for her two weeks of orientation as our full-time Children and Youth Director. Danielle’s very first hours “on the job” were spent attending a Tuesday night Presbytery meeting. What a start! (I can also report very happily that Presbytery adjourned at precisely 9:04 p.m.. Yes, you read that correctly.). You can send Danielle a welcome email, if you wish, to danielle at

As we transition to one full-time position in Danielle, we remember with thanksgiving to God all the work and prayers of Tisha M. and Judy P., who have faithfully headed up this ministry so far.

Today and tomorrow the Synod of Quebec and Eastern Ontario meets at Briarwood. You can see our sign welcoming them below. There is also a picture of Margaret B., the conference organize. Thank you Margaret! With her is the Clerk of Synod, Donna M.

With all good wishes. See you Sunday.




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