Sunday’s Coming 99

Yes, you read the title rightly.  This is Sunday’s Coming #99.  I’m not sure how to celebrate triple digits next week.  Maybe I should take my mobile device to the top of the church and do a special, on site, Sunday’s Coming video blog.  Maybe not.

Last week at the 11:30 a.m., a big thank you to David W., who arranged for a Skype connection with Michelle V.  This made it possible for Michelle V., who recently moved back home, to read the Scripture lessons from her bedroom in Edmonton, AB as part of the worship service.

This Sunday we welcome some of the youth from Briarwood who attended Canada Youth 2012 to lead in the sermon time at both services with faith sharing from the event.  Their text is The Road to Emmaus, Luke 24: 15-32.   This initiative was made possible through Presbyterians Sharing, and September 30th is a Sunday set side aside across Canada for churches to celebrate and be reminded that our work and ministry is not for ourselves, but that we exist as a church to reach out beyond our walls.  Our prayers and our giving do this in tangible ways, including affecting for good the lives of youth seeking to live lives of Christian faith today.

At 10 a.m. we sing “O Worship the King” and at 11:30 a.m. “How Great is our God“.

As I wrote in my October Newsletter letter, Nabih Saikaly has agreed to take Briarwood’s Facebook page to the next level.  To assist with this project of reaching out through social media, please go the Page and indicate you “like” it.

This week remember:

Audrey M., in hospital.

With best wishes,


October 2012 Newsletter letter

Greetings Friends,

This Fall we are listening for God’s word for our lives through the book of Genesis.  A book of new creation. A book of new beginning.  A book where there is a God who becomes known to the families of the earth as faithful, as good, and very much alive.

I’d like to celebrate some of creative, generative things going on at Briarwood right now and into the Fall.  In them, we can celebrate the work of this same God among us.

I’d like to celebrate the work of Nabih Saikaly, who has taken over as Briarwood’s new Facebook page administrator.  This is a reaching out through one of the the new social operating systems in our society.

I’d like to celebrate Kathy Anderson and Cheryl Steer, who will be working madly off in all directions and behind the scenes to bring us the Briarwood Brunch.  A meal together to enjoy October 14th after the one, 10:30 a.m., service.

I’d like to celebrate Hannes du Preez, who will be leading a new mid-week small group at the Heusers’ home each Wednesday evening.  “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayers.”  (Acts 2:42).  As we discussed at length and with depth at the final Introduction to Christianity course this week, “Does somebody have to go ‘to church’ to be a Christian?”  Someone answered, “I don’t know, but you need to be around Christians to grow as one.”

I’d like to celebrate Dr. Alejandro Durán, who is organizing an Advent Children’s Choir, and who will have practices for children 3-12 from 11:05-11:25 a.m. every Sunday in November.  There are plenty more celebrations.

These are just a few that come to mind when I consider how God is at work, creating new community, and bringing hope in this place and in this community.

The central story of the Christian church is that God has come to us in Jesus Christ, and offers us life and salvation. (C. Irvine).  This Fall, we’ve begun at the beginning of that story, in Genesis.  What a privilege it is to walk together in this world, to open the stories of our lives to God’s great story, and great work of love and forgiveness in Jesus.

By the power of the Holy Spirit may we live the life of Christian faith and mission together this Fall.  Two services.  One church.  Working for one kingdom of love and justice for all.

With many blessings,


Sunday’s Coming 98

Greetings Friends.
Last week was so full I skipped writing Sunday’s Coming, for the first time I can remember. This is issue 98. Two more until 100!

This Sunday we look at one of the most famous and misunderstood passages in the Hebrew Bible, the story of this gone wrong in the garden of Eden. 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. with kids program and nursery.

Many of you have been asking after Amanda Henderson, our in ministry year student last year. Besides getting married this month to Chad, Amanda has won this year’s Rayner Prize. Her essay is printed in the Presbyterian Record, here.

This week we remember:
Valerie Simpson, who will be married at Briarwood on Saturday;
Tisha M. and Kate P., at the Presbytery youth retreat this weekend;
Joel Coppietters, who will be ordained at a Presbytery worship service Sunday afternoon;
the Blood Donor Clinic at Briarwood on Monday.

Best wishes,


Sunday’s Coming 97


This Sunday we begin at the very beginning, with a look at Genesis 1, and the story of Creation.  It’s such a familiar story, but does it mean for us today?  At the 10 a.m. service, we welcome Grace Wurah and her entire family.  Grace will receive the Sacrament of Baptism and become the newest member of Christ’s church in this place.  At 11:30 a.m. service we celebrate Holy Communion, followed by lunch for all.  

This week we remember,

tomorrow’s community BBQ at Briarwood, starting at 11:30 a.m.;

those working on the new furnace installation this week and next week (see picture below);

those participating in the Wednesday night Christian Foundations course (14 attending, still open to all);

the first meeting of the College and Careers group on Thursday night, led by Jenn V. and David W.;

John and Lynn V., now visiting Malawi and the Ekwendeni Hospital, a mission of the Central African Presbyterian Church.

With best wishes,