Sunday’s Coming 83

Greetings. This Sunday we look at the story from Acts where Phillip meets the Ethiopian and shares the good news with him. Acts 8: 26-40.

On Thursday afternoon Briarwood’s very first minister, Rev. Cousens, dropped by the church with Mrs. Cousens. (See photo below.) We had a long discussion about the early years and how he worked to help initially grow the congregation. He remembers going door to door to 100’s of houses!

A song for the 11:30 a.m. service:
From the Inside Out

A hymn for the 10 a.m. service:
Holy, Holy, Holy

Best wishes,


3 thoughts on “Sunday’s Coming 83

  1. John Cousens was two years ahead of me at PC. We visited with John and Joyce (nee Millar) when they lived on St. Charles N. Joyce was an only child and her cousin married Rev. Ross MacDonald also a PC grad. John’s father Henry Cousens was one of the dissenters at Union in 1925.

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