Sunday’s Coming 77

This week, a message by Amanda.

Good Day Everyone!

I hope Spring is slowly finding everyone! It is always exciting to see robins return, and grass reappear.
We are thrilled to welcome Barbara Summers this week from Presbyterian World Service and Development. She will be speaking on Mark 6:30-44, the feeding of the five thousand. She will also be sharing some of her pictures with us. Here is a link to the PWS&D website if you would like to see what it is about.
This past Wednesday evening the church was broken into. If you are driving through the area maybe take a quick drive through the parking lot to keep an eye on things.
This week at Briarwood the youth group will be meeting Friday from 7-9pm.
The Lenten study series will continue at 11:15 on Sunday and the topic this week is “Life, Faith and Worship in the Early Church.”

This week we remember in prayer:
Baby Oliver;
Don McO;
Rev. Greg, who polar bear dips for Sonja B. and the Special Olympics Saturday at 1:15 p.m.!

Have a great week, and see you Sunday!

Amanda Henderson
In-Ministry year student

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