Sunday’s Coming 74

This week we continue the journey to the cross and empty tomb with Mark 4: 21-34. Amanda Henderson, our in-ministry- year student, will preach at both services. At 11:15 a.m. the Lenten Study series continues with Rev. Dr. Kuntz in the East Room.

A huge thank you to Penny G. and team for Briarwood’s provision of the soup and service for the first Lenten Lunch this past Wednesday in support of PWS&D.

This week we remember,
Vi F.;
Don M., who had a fall and is at the Lakeshore;
Betty W.;
the youth group, who meet tonight;
those going to Messy Church tonight at 5:30 pm;
those involved in College and Careers next week at the Heusers;
the Parents and Tots Bible Study Wednesday morning;
the Grandparents, Parents and Friends Bible Study Wednesday afternoon.

NEXT Sunday March 4th there is only one blended service – 10:30 a.m. with lunch and AGM.

Best wishes,

Sunday’s Coming 73

Greetings.  This Sunday at both services we will celebrate the appointment of Judy Pemberton as Director of Family Ministries, with a special liturgy. We continue with the Gospel of Mark, where Jesus teaches about the true meaning of the Sabbath (2: 23-28).  At 10 a.m. we celebrate Holy Communion.

It’s been an amazing week at the church with Judy’s work beginning – now visible in updates to the Nursery, and a new and ingenious place to display information on events and programs for families.  The West Island Gazette has published a story on Judy’s arrival in this role.  See article here.

It’s also been an amazing week at the church with the Faces We Love/Visages Aimes exhibit.  I have had so many meaningful conversations with people who came to enjoy the photos.  Believe or not another local paper picked up this event!  The West Island Chronicle covered the opening.  See article here.

This week we remember in prayer,

Jim. T;

the Youth Group, who meet Friday night;

the Bible Study for Parents and Tots, which begins Wednesday at 10 a.m.;

the College and Careers Group, who meet Thursday night at the Heusers’.

With best wishes,


Sunday’s Coming 72

Hello Everyone. This Sunday we continue with the Gospel of Mark and the story of the man healed and forgiven by Jesus after his friends dig a hole through the roof and lower him into the house where Jesus is staying. Through the roof! Mark 2: 1-12. At 11:30 a.m. we celebrate Holy Communion, with a free lunch afterwards for everyone.

This week is the opening of the photo exhibit, Faces we Love/Visages Aimés. If all goes well for the set up, everyone on Sunday should get a preview before the official opening on Tuesday, February 7th at 10 a.m. with district three Beaconsfield city counsellor Wade Staddon. This is a great opportunity to celebrate some of the groups (and faces) with whom we share our space. The exhibit is 130 black and white 8″x12″ photos. Thank you to Andrea Cebula and Melanie Cajolais at NOVA and Lise Patenaude CROM/WMRC for partnering in this. Thank you to Andrew Wilson for helping source the supplies for display. Thank you to Kathy Anderson for the display boards. Thank you to Nancy Wojciechowski. And finally, thank you to the photographer and all her work in making this happen: Lauren Du Preez. Here is one portrait in the exhibit: Anne.

Here is the church sign this week: Thank you to Judy Pemberton. New Director of Family Ministries.

This week remember: with thanksgiving that Jim T. is doing much better; the Youth Group which meets Friday night; with thanksgiving our in-ministry-year-student Amanda Henderson, who is in this month’s Presbyterian Record with her fiancé Chad; with thanksgiving, one of our Ministers-in-Association interviewed by the same magazine this month.

Best wishes,


February 2012 Newsletter Letter

“Lord, listen to your children praying;
Lord, send your Spirit in this place;
Lord, listen to your children praying,
send us love,
send us power,
send us grace!”
#449, The Book of Praise

Dear Friends,
This week you will receive a letter from our Clerk of Session announcing the news that after months of searching, we have appointed Judy Pemberton to the position of Director of Family Ministries at Briarwood.  This is part of the overall plan to bring on a full-time team for work with children and youth.  The Presbytery of Montreal has granted Briarwood $52,000 and members of the congregation of pledged nearly $90,000 towards this initiative.

The reason for all this planning and work, and now excitement, is not because we hope this program will meet our needs.  It is about trying to be the best stewards of the children and youth in our midst right now, but even more it is about trying to reach out beyond our walls to be a support to families in our community through the good news of Jesus.  This is a program about mission.  Mission to families with young children.  At the last three congregational planning evenings this has been the listed as the number one priority of Briarwood going forward. This month marks of significant step forward in this area.  Thanks to be God!

Also big this month is next week’s Faces We Love photo exhibit.  This will be 130 photos of people from Briarwood and those with whom we share our space.  NOVA and Helping Hands especially.  District 3 Beaconsfield counsellor Wade Staddon will be here Tuesday morning, February 7th, at 10 a.m. to open the exhibit.  The West Island Chronicle plans to pick up the story.  The photos are all Faces, in black and white, 8″x12″.  Thank you to Lauren Du Preez for all her work in making this happen.

Finally, this February we welcome back to Briarwood The Rev. Captain Charles DeoGratias.  Charles has just returned from Rwanda and will share on Christ’s mission in that place through the work of the chaplaincy in the Canadian Forces.

Wishes everyone the very best,